Everything you need to know about viral launch price

Viral launch price

Viral Launch provides your company with the scaling resources for Amazon sellers. You have the competitive advantage with this simple-to-use software package, which is vital in driving Amazon’s over $8 billion in annual sales. It is important to know about viral launch price before using. 

Based on factors including data accuracy, seller assistance, and the quality and scope of services, Amazon sellers frequently choose a favorite. They want to make advantage of the technologies that will enable them to foresee and achieve success, stay up with Amazon’s constantly evolving market, and handle any potential hiccups.

Things offered by viral launch

As you can see from the list above, Viral Launch provides a comprehensive selection of Amazon seller solutions. The bundle provides:

  • A product research tool that allows you to compare ideas and assess the potential demand and competition for them
  • Competitor tracking that notifies you when your competitors’ listings rise or fall in rank so you can immediately take note of what works, will help you make wise decisions about which products to pursue.
  • A keyword research tool for fresh ideas and approaches to generating organic (or paid) traffic
  • An interactive, well-designed listing optimizer that offers insights into what adjustments can boost your conversions and boost your sales
  • Utilize a conversion rate optimization tool to compare various product images and written copy in order to determine which adjustments are most effective.
  • A tool for product launches that directly integrates with Amazon’s algorithm to achieve the highest possible ranking
  • A PPC management platform to increase ROI and streamline your campaigns
  • A keyword rank tracking tool to monitor the positions of your listings and learn what modifications improve rankings

There is a lot to unpack here, and it’s all information that Amazon merchants can use to their great advantage. If everything described above goes according to plan, this might move your entire company and result in exponential growth.


Here is a breakdown of each Viral Launch feature, how to utilize it, and how successful it was in helping our clients expand their Amazon sales.


With the help of the product research tool, you can browse through millions of Amazon categories and goods to look for pre-existing product ideas and then apply custom criteria to focus your search. It offers comprehensive information on the quantity of reviews, sales volume, and other factors, making it simple to assess the competition and prospective sales for each product and decide what to launch.

  • Tracking of viral launch competitors

The competitor tracking tool does precisely what you’d expect it to do: it monitors your competitors’ listings’ ranks, alerting you whenever they rise or fall.

When a competitor’s rank drops, you may have an opportunity, and when it rises, you have the chance to look at their listing and determine what changed to make it happen.

Both of these are priceless information that aid in your ability to choose wisely when it comes to your own optimizations.

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