How Important Is Face To Face Communication In Business?

How Important Is Face To Face Communication In Business?

In this era dominated by technology, the definition of communication has been reduced to social media apps, instant messaging, emails, and video calls. All our communications with our close ones revolve around technology. This is becoming the case in the workplace as well. With more and more offices adapting to a more flexible work culture, software like Skype, Zoom, etc., enables virtual meetings. Technology has replaced our lunch break chats, morning coffee catch-ups, team meetings, and weekly round-ups. Yes, video calls are very close to real-life conversations because you can see the other person while talking. But people have been discussing the value of face-to-face communication for a while now. It seems that working virtually doesn’t allow for the same level of connectivity and creativity for many people – and it isn’t something they could sustain forever. Following are the advantages of face to face communication in the workplace:-

Face to Face meetings vs. Video conferences:-

It has become easier to dial in and speak to people over video calls. And various software like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime runs relatively seamlessly, allowing teams to meet in much the same way as they would in an office. But having every call over video can be challenging. There are always network issues, someone speaking over someone else, someone unmuting themselves by mistake, etc. All this can make it tough for you to get your point across. Usually, video conferences require more coordination and patience. They also have less scope for creativity and adjustment. This is where face-to-face communication triumphs. It makes it easier for you to gauge body language, give everyone equal attention, communicate clearly and increase efficiency.

Company Culture

Small companies are still encouraging their employees to have face-to-face meetings once. Members of a Team who have never met each other tend to feel far less connected to their workplace. It cannot be easy to feel like they are part of something. So, while virtual meetings can ensure constant communication, it is necessary to slip in some physical meetings now and then to sustain a positive environment of growth and togetherness.

Relationships at work

Most people wouldn’t feel part of their workplace if they couldn’t connect with their co-workers. It could be a simple ‘Hi’ or some random conversation during lunch break that can make an employee comfortable and acquainted with the place. It is easier to perceive the thoughts and feelings of other people in face-to-face communication and hence, easier to build relationships. On the other hand, video calls are not good for connecting with a team as there is a sense of being away from the person you are speaking to, literally and metaphorically.

The Defense Of Virtual Communication

Tech has allowed people to do jobs that might not have been possible some 20 years ago. The fact that we can pick up different gadgets, open some applications and speak to a colleague across the globe in seconds allows us to work efficiently and effectively wherever we are. There are several benefits of virtual communication like it’s time-saving, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective, as companies can save up expenses like the rent/cost of premises and other equipment. The use of digital tools introduced by technology fits perfectly into this new agile way of working, as employees can easily work from the comfort of their homes, watch company presentations, join virtual meetings and interact with their colleagues and team members from their kitchen table. There are several advantages of virtual communication, and digital tools are especially important in a climate where social distancing is the need of the hour. We might not be able to do our tasks and jobs otherwise. But is virtual meeting the future of workspace? Will it be able to sustain the work culture that has brought us this far, or is it a short-time thing that will fade away when the world returns to normality? It might probably be infused with our conventional way of working, and our work culture should take advantage of both these mediums simultaneously, not rely on one of them completely.

What does the future hold for communication at work?

Workplaces have learned to adjust to virtual interactions and meetings because of the pandemic, and it seems like they will be moving towards a more remote workplace in the future. Online tools make it convenient to get in touch with your team members from the comfort of your house with just a click of a button. This also allows one to easily connect with team members from across the globe. We have learned to work remotely, and most have adjusted to it seamlessly. But human beings are social animals, and putting ourselves in our home environment with no real physical interactions with people can halt growth among people. When we meet people in person, we get to know more about them, and it is also a lot easier to pick up their qualities. Even though we continue to work using digital tools, we will always cherish the in-person meetings, face-to-face work, and brainstorming sessions. We will always feel more connected to our “workplace” when we recognize a face. Virtual meetings seem like a more flexible option, and they have their advantages, but they will never be able to recreate a sense of community and belonging that comes with real-life meetings. Here at JobsPivot, we offer career opportunities from reputable firms spanning across different states in the Philippines.JobsPivot effectively connects employers with the right find Online Part time jobs for Students  visit us. 

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